#81: Magnemite

I’ve had a major tidy-up of my craft-room-cum-study, and I’ll be honest, it does wonders for my productivity. Every other night I can go in there and just whack on a bit of cheesy 90s tv and crochet away, and I’m absolutely loving it!

Here’s the latest FO: Magnemite! Pattern came via Ravelry from A Moment Unraveled, and was a lovely little (mostly) straightforward design. The magnet arms were a touch fiddly, and I found the increasing and decreasing didn’t really have the effect I wanted, but there we go, I don’t think you can really tell how pants it all seemed to go so never mind.

One thing I did appreciate was the lack of felt decoration required – one blip of black for the eye; everything else was crocheted or stitched (or plaited)! Boom, very quick to finish off once the bulk of the crocheting was done, so that’s a definite tick in my book!


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#114: Tangela

Lovely quick and easy pattern enabled me to knock this one out in 5 days (including two days when I had no energy to crochet at all, and tonight I’ve just got back from a beer festival and did the last finishing touches)! I’ve never been so productive!

Thanks to Kat’s Creations for the great pattern. I adapted it slightly by only joining the first few purple chains to the body frequently. Once I got a bit more coverage I began attaching at both ends and letting the rest weave in and out of the chains already there – think it gives Tangela a bit more body. What do you think?


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#116: Horsea

Ta-da! Bet you thought I’d given up. Well, I kinda had. Someone else started crocheting Pokemon after me, and finished all 151, and although they didn’t share most of their patterns in the way that I’m trying to, in order to make it possible for anyone to have a go at this, it was still pretty demotivating. Sigh. Plus having a toddler around, and long commutes and always feeling pretty exhausted, I’d just completely lost my crochet mojo. I’ve had a go at a few other projects, and I won’t say I’m completely back into it again – in fact I’m very much not – but it didn’t take much more than two or three weeks to actually do this one, which was nice.

So, Horsea, courtesy of Wolfdreamer once again: pattern here, and basically did exactly what it said on the tin, although I did stuff my tail and I think it looks pretty cool!

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#106: Hitmonlee

Nearly two months – guess I just take that long nowadays! I used the pattern from Crochet Fanatic, but adapted it considerably to make it an action pose – I crafted one leg and the body all in one piece, then added the second leg on the side, and did a few extra rows on one side of an arm to make it bend. I didn’t understand the instructions for incorporating the arms and toes, so just sewed them on as with the leg. I think it came out pretty well!


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#149: Dragonite

Hi everyone! Bet you thought I’d abandoned this blog. Nope, just took forever with this last one, but now I’m thrilled to share Dragonite with you!

I am really, really proud of this one! It’s been a long time coming, but it took shape amazingly well when it came to stitching everything together – thanks to a fab pattern from Cavalera’s Cocina!

It was hard going, not least because my three yarns were different weights (slightly), so I was adding extra stitches in the teal yarn to make it fit with the yellow. I shed blood, sweat and tears over the antennae, which were horrifically fiddly, then uttered a few Anglo-Saxon words when I realised I’d done them in the wrong coloured yarn.

I should have added a lot more pipe cleaner to the wings, which are pretty floppy, but I didn’t want to go overboard with sharp pointy things with a toddler in the house. I also managed to sew them on upside-down the first time around (cue more Anglo-Saxon). Nonetheless, here we are! First Pokemon of 2017!

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#061: Poliwhirl

I used this pattern to make my Poliwhirl. On the whole I’m pleased how it came out – it’s definitely recognisable as Poliwhirl unlike, say, my Eevee! It’s got a few niggles (no, you crocheted it right-handed so the spiral had to go the wrong way), the feet are too big and the placement is still pretty shocking (must. find. pins!), but I’ll count this one as a success. Plus it’s taken a lot less time than some of them recently. Onto the next!

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Interlude: Rowlett

Rowlett1I know which Pokemon I’ll be doing next, but in the meantime I had to share this one. He’s from the Sun and Moon versions, and I wouldn’t normally do anything from post-Gen 1, but I have a friend who’s mad keen on owls and absolutely adores this little guy (let’s be honest, Hoothoot was a bit of a disappointment as Pokemon go!), so I thought I’d have a go. I think for an improvised pattern he came out pretty okay – there are things I’d change, but overall I’m pretty chuffed with how he looks!

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