#109 Koffing

One of the best things about lockdowns and working from home is going to meetings with your camera off, right? Today I was attending an amazing conference, which was full of great talks that I could listen to without having to do anything further (I did make a few notes of some particularly interesting points though). Which meant I could get my crochet on and participate and not bother anyone with my handiwork. So…

Ta-da! It’s a Koffing!

Things I love: a straightforward shape (a glorified globe, let’s be honest) and again very few colours. The pattern, from Loopy Cathrine again, is very clear and apparently my tension isn’t too terrible because my sphere came out pretty spherical! I didn’t bother with felting, but I did create paper templates for the shapes and then cut them out of felt – I think it really helped, particularly using one template for both eyes. The vents were a little bit of a faff – 14 of them!! – but I was listening to some research about racism in library services, so it wasn’t the hard slog it could have been.

One thing I did like is that presumably the creator is based in the UK. Which meant that when they state what yarn they used, what weight and colour – I was able to source exactly that! We don’t have red heart here, and sometimes I wonder if we miss out…

Time taken: 2 days
Rating: Yay!!

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#011 Metapod

A lovely pattern from Frog and Fasten, entertainingly written and very clear, meant that this was a sheer joy to complete. Metapod is only three colours (I used kiwi, black and white) and only crochet and sewing together, no felt, no glue, dead easy and for a cocoon I think she’s got bags of character!

Did I change anything? Not really. The body and horns are all the same as in the pattern. The eyes, instead of making the circles in white then adding black on top, I chose to start in black for the first two rings, then switch out to white for the outer two rings – I think it’s a bit quicker and it doesn’t look too shabby, although obviously placing the black on top will give a smoother circle shape for the pupils. The only thing I really had to change was the eyelids, because my tension yielded this shape instead:

Not quite the semi-circle I was hoping for! So after a few trials and errors, I went with making them 4 stitches instead of 3 at the beginning and expanding proportionally from there, and that seemed to work for me!

So all in all, I’m really happy with how this one came out. I love the colour, the design, it was quick and easy to make and I’m already onto the next one!!

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#046: Paras

The mushroom pokemon! Not sure what made me pick this one (so obviously must have been the random number generator..) but I had two patterns to choose from for this one; Dippycatcrochet‘s and James Bartolotti‘s (link to his Ravelry page). I really liked both for different reasons, so I incorporated elements of both, but mainly used Dippycatcrochet because I really liked how delicate the legs were. Of course, then I added my own twists where I felt like it!

So what did I do different? Firstly, possibly most obviously, I stuck with red rather than pink for the mushrooms! I liked James’s Paras’s mouth, so what I did was do 6 sc into a magic ring in black, fasten off and sew on, then embroider over that with the cream yarn to make the mandible bits (or whatever they are – my insect anatomy is not good!).

I didn’t use wire in the legs to pose them – I thought it would be difficult and fiddly and given there were four of them, I wanted an easier and quicker solution. What I ended up doing was when I attached the legs to the body, I ran the excess yarn down the inside of each leg and tightened it up to make the leg bend, then fastened it securely. It seems to work, though it probably won’t hold up to seriously rough treatment! But the added benefit of it is that it’s also easily repairable (or even redoable), so if the yarn stretches with age, I can do it again, whereas trying to reinsert wire in a leg? Forget it!

Dippycatcrochet recommended using the foundation chain method on the mushroom stalks, and I would definitely second that. I find joining a chain in a circle surprisingly difficult, and this made it a little easier. I also went down from 3.5mm to 2.5mm, using DK yarn, to make the hook a bit more mobile through the yarn. Not sure whether it helped or not, as obviously it also makes the stitches smaller!

So here we are. I wouldn’t say it’s cute exactly, but it’s maybe cute the way a tarantula is cute? Definitely more cute than the ants that like to find their way up to my desk are, anyway! -_-

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#026 Raichu

It’s been a while, and I just needed to do something straightforward, where the pattern was already written out for me. And a cute character, if I could help it, because there’s an added incentive to finish!

So I trawled through my saved patterns on Ravelry and found Raichu by Linda Potts (aka WolfdreamerOTH). As you’d expect, a clear and well written pattern, with nothing horrendously challenging. For some reason my balls work up shorter than hers, so I added a few more rows in the head and body, but everything else I followed meticulously.

Colours aren’t amazing, I’ll be honest, but I couldn’t be bothered to go for a major dig in my stash to find better colours, so I used most of the ones I’d bought when making my Hey Duggee – so it’s come out looking a little darker than I’d like, but I think that’s barely worth complaining about! I added a pipe cleaner to the tail, and floral wire to the lightning bolt to hold its shape – I think that worked pretty well, although it makes the joins look far too floppy!

And here we are: Raichu!

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We interrupt our regular schedule…

So it’s not a Pokémon, I know, but I’m still excited to present to you:

At least 20% more awesome!

I’ts Rainbow Dash! Isn’t she amazing? Thanks for this pattern go to Ceefax and KnitOneAwesome (I should really get them a coffee) and I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

The wings are super-fiddly, and that’s where I hibernated for about two months because I couldn’t be faffed with them for a while, but I picked up again and carried on and to be honest it didn’t take as long as I was expecting. Unfortunately in that time my tension has changed completely because I’ve been producing cotton octopodes for preemies (tension has to be through the roof so there aren’t any holes!), so one wing is sliiiiightly bigger than the other – but be honest, can you actually tell?

I’ll get back to the Pokemon now…

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#078 Rapidash

Okay, this one has been a project and a half! But I really genuinly think it’s one of my best yet. There aren’t any obvious free Rapidash patterns that I could find, but I thought, well, how hard could it be? How different is Rapidash from any unicorn/horse crochet pattern – but I didn’t much like any of the free ones of those either!!

So I did something I’ve not done for this quest before – I paid for a pattern. It’s a bit of a fail in one sense, becasue I wanted to link to all the free patterns I used or make my own so that everyone else could have access (and then we’re not breaking IP law, y’all). But this pattern isn’t a Pokemon, so it’s not breaching copyright, and I really loved it. It’s for a Standing Unicorn, and it’s by an amazing designer called Megan Lapp.

It’s flipping difficult, and even with the pictures there were lots of places where I went wrong, and I just cannot crochet in the round except in a spiral, which meant that some things went slightly wonky. And I didn’t have thick enough wire for the legs so they’re very, very wobbly – think new born foal, not mighty stallion! – but even so, I can sometimes get it to stand up by itself!

Rather than using her design for the horn (which I tried and it came out far too big so I’ll use it on a narwhal or something), I did MR4, sc round a couple of rows, then a single increase and round a couple more rows, and so on until it hit the right size and shape.

Horn too big – Rapidash for comparison!

Then came the mane and the tail and the flamey hooves – a lot of work! For these I threaded lots of appropriate coloured yarns and then borrowed a felting kit from a friend to try this out for the first time – I’m fairly happy how that went.

Then it was time for the final details – embroidering some nostrils in black, glueing felt for the eyes and inside the ears and ta-da! One Rapidash! What do you reckon?

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#086 Seel pattern – now written out properly!

A comment about the basically useless splurge of numbers and letters on my Seel pattern finally spurred me to write it out properly. Hope it’s correct! I’d love to know if you have a go – I’ve just recently posted my own Seel out to a friend’s child, so it will be interesting to see what they think of it!

Seel Amigurumi

You will need:
White yarn
Cream yarn (for cheeks)
Pink yarn (for tongue)
Black yarn (for nose)
Black felt for eyes (and nose unless you sew it)
White felt for fangs and eyes
Crochet hook
Embroidery needle
Fabric glue (or thread for stitching felt)

All in white yarn and crocheted in the round unless otherwise stated

Head (make 1)

  1. Magic ring (6)
  2. [Inc] round (12)
  3. [Inc, sc] round (18)
  4. [Inc, 2 sc] round (24)
  5. [Inc, 3 sc] round (30)
    6-8. Sc round (30)
  6. [Dec, 3 sc] round (24)
  7. [Dec, 2 sc] round (18) Begin stuffing at this point
  8. [Dec, sc] round (12)
  9. [Dec] round (6)
    Weave yarn through row and FO leaving tail to attach to body.

Body (make 1)

  1. Magic ring (6)
  2. [Inc] round (12)
  3. [Inc, sc] round (18)
  4. [Inc, 2 sc] round (24)
  5. [Inc, 3 sc] round (30)
  6. [Inc, 4 sc] round (36)
    7-11. Sc round (36)
  7. 4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 24 sc (34)
  8. 4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 22 sc (32)
  9. 4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 20 sc (30)
  10. 4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 18 sc (28) Start stuffing and continue to stuff as you go
  11. [5 sc, dec] round (24)
  12. Sc round (24)
  13. [4 sc, dec] round (20)
  14. Sc round (20)
  15. [3 sc, dec] round (16)
  16. Sc round (16)
  17. [2 sc, dec] round (12)
    FO leaving tail to attach to tail (if that makes sense…)

Flippers (Make 4)
(These are worked flat, not in the round)

  1. Ch 14, turn
  2. Slst into 2nd loop, 3 slst, 4 sc, 5 hdc, ch 2, turn
  3. 5 hdc, 4 sc, 4 slst, ch 1, turn
  4. Repeat rows 2-3.
    FO leaving tail to attach to second flipper
    Sew two flippers together, with a light amount of stuffing between, then attach to body

Tail (make 4)
(These are worked flat, not in the round)

  1. Ch 10, turn
  2. Slst into 2nd loop, 2 slst, 3 sc, 3 hdc, ch 1, turn
  3. 3 hdc, 3 sc, 3 slst, ch 1, turn
  4. Repeat rows 2-3.
    FO leaving tail to attach to second tail
    Sew two tails together, with a light amount of stuffing between
    Join both tail halves together with a round of sc before attaching to end of body

Horn (make 1)

  1. Magic ring (4)
  2. Sc 4 (4)
  3. Sc 3, inc (5)
  4. Sc 2, inc, sc 2 (6)
    FO leaving tail to attach to head, stuff lightly before attaching

Tongue (make 1)

  1. Ch 4
  2. 2 sc into sc, sc, 3 sc into sc (going around to the bottom side of the chain), sc, sc into the same hole as your first 2 sc (8)
  3. Sc around (8)
    FO leaving tail to attach to head, stuff lightly – don’t attach just yet!

Cheeks (make 2)

  1. Magic ring (6)
  2. Inc round (12)
  3. If this is the first cheek, FO
  4. If this is the second cheek, join with sc into the last row of the tongue, sc along the top of the tongue and join to 1st cheek with sc, slst and FO
  5. Attach another piece of cream yarn to the first cheek to do the same along the bottom of the tongue
  6. FO leaving tail to attach to head
  7. Attach black yarn to middle of top row to make nose
    Attach to head

Add eyes and fangs as in picture – I usually glue the felt on with fabric glue – et voìla!

Seel character and Pokémon are copyright The Pokémon Company.

This pattern is an original pattern by Diana Caulfield (April 2016, edited August 2020). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern.

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Free Pattern – Hey Duggee!

If you’ve got children under the age of 5, you’ve probably come across this charming fellow. My nearly-two-year-old absolutely adores Hey Duggee, and will willingly stop everything else to go and watch an episode – can’t wait to see their face when I give them this!

It’s not the world’s best pattern, I think in hindsight I made the head too long, the mouth too narrow, and I just could not get the right colour for the trousers, but on the whole I’m pretty pleased. I think I might have to invest in a lightbox set up soon though – my pictures look terrible!

You will need:

  • Yarn – mid brown (body), gold (shirt), dark gold (trousers), yellow (neckerchief), mid blue (woggle), spice (muzzle) and black (nose and eyes)
  • Felt – I didn’t have purple so used dark pink instead, other colours are yellow, black, brown, grey, red and light pink
  • 2mm crochet hook and darning needle
  • Stuffing

Duggee works up to about 9-10 inches long

Where you see curly brackets are where I’ve repeated that pattern.

(This pattern is in US terminology – for UK, simply substitute sc for dc)


In mid brown
1: Magic ring (6)
2: Inc in sc round (12)
3: {sc, inc} round (18)
4: {2 sc, inc} round (24)
5: {3 sc, inc} round (30)
6: {4 sc, inc} round (36)
7-10: sc round (36)
11: {11 sc, inc} round (39)
12-15: sc round (39)
16: {12 sc, inc} round (42)
17-20: sc round (42)

Change to yellow
21-23: sc round (42)

Change to gold
24-29: sc round (42)
30: {13 sc, inc} round (45)
31-32: sc round (45)

Change to dark gold
33-34: sc round (45)
35: {5 sc, dec, 6 sc, dec} round (39)
36: sc round (39)
37: {4 sc, dec, 5 sc, dec} round (33)
38: {9 sc, dec} round (30)
37: {3 sc, dec} round (24)
Begin stuffing firmly
38: {2 sc, dec} round (18)
39: {1 sc, dec} round (12)
40: dec round (6)
Weave end through last ring and FO

Ears (make two)

In mid brown
1: Magic ring (6)
2: Inc in sc round (12)
3: {sc, inc} round (18)
4-12: sc round (18)
13: {7 sc, dec} round (16)
14: {6 sc, dec} round (14)
Flatten the round, then stitch across to join the two sides together (7 ish)
FO leaving tail for sewing.

Arms (make two)

In mid brown
1: Magic ring (6)
2: {inc, sc} round (9)
3: {inc, 2 sc} round (12)
4: sc round (12)

Change to gold
5-15: sc round (12)
16: turn, sc 6 halfway round to create a slight shoulder
FO leaving tail for sewing, and stuff firmly.

Legs (make two)

In mid brown
1: Magic ring (6)
2: {inc, inc, sc} round (10)
3: sc round (10)

Change to dark gold
4-12: sc round (10)
FO leaving tail for sewing, and stuff firmly.


In spice
1: ch 5, turn
2: 3 sc, then 3 sc into last ch working around to the other side
3: 2 sc, then 2 sc into last ch, slst to join
4: ch 1, inc, dec, inc, sc, inc, inc, inc, sc, inc, slst to make a jelly bean shape
FO leaving tail for sewing.

I found it easiest to embroider the mouth here rather than after the muzzle was attached to the face.


In black
1: Magic ring (6)
FO leaving tail for sewing.


In yellow
1: ch 4, turn
2: 3 sc, turn (3)
3-7: ch 1, 3 sc, turn (3)
8: even decrease by doing a dec between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 (2)
9: dec (1)
FO leaving tail for sewing.


In mid blue
1: ch 5, turn
2: 4 sc, turn (4)
3: ch 1, 4 sc (4)
FO leaving tail for sewing.

Assemble as per the top picture, and embroider eyes in black. Glue on felt badges, et voìla! If you do have a go at making him, I’d love to see how you get on!

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#060 Poliwag

Ta-da! I had the excuse that I was still waiting for some bits in order to tackle the one I was supposed to be doing, so in the meantime I happened upon this one and thought it would be a nice quick easy one to do!

Well, it should have been, but I was using up some really yucky scratchy acrylic yarn, which was really splitty (mental note: don’t let mum do the yarn shopping!), and a metal 2.5mm hook with a handle that was only 5 inches long and kept digging into my hand – in the end I wrapped a cotton rag round the end to stop it tearing my hand into ribbons! I also had some yucky white yarn which claims to be DK but is a much smaller hand than the blue, so ended up having to do more rows of the white to compensate (mental note: don’t let me do the yarn shopping either!).

I made some small adaptations to the design by LoopyCathrine – so the extra ring of white on the belly, and instead of using felt for the whites of the eyes, I crocheted a couple of ovals in the thin white yarn. Less because I wanted to crochet and more because I don’t have a lot of white felt and I’m also terrible at cutting regular shapes (I don’t have any decent left-handed scissors for textiles). If you want to do the same it’s dead easy:

  1. Magic Ring 6
  2. Inc all the way round (12)
  3. 3 sc, 3 inc, 3 sc, 3 inc (18)
  4. Slip stitch and FO with long tail for sewing

I think it worked pretty well!

I’m now getting to the point where I have more pokemon than I have space for – I’m toying with the idea of selling them. It’s not so much to make any money (particularly given the characters are in copyright), but more to recoup some of the cost of materials and to cover postage at least. Maybe I should open an Etsy shop?

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#005 Charmeleon

According to the random number generator (or as those of us in the know like to call it, the Random Nethack God) I should have been working on a different Pokemon. But I wanted something a little smaller and easier as work is being a bit difficult, and I didn’t want my hobby to be giving me headaches at the same time!! So I don’t quite know why I settled on Charmeleon – maybe I felt inspired by the glorious spice-coloured yarn? But I had a lovely pattern available from the awesome Christjan Bee, and a weekend later, here we are!

Spicy charmeleon!

So if I was going to do it again, I’d probably adapt the pattern a bit. I feel like the neck is too long, and the legs feel too small. But I love how the claws were incorporated into the limbs, so once again there was very little finishing off required at the end as it was all done as I went! A far cry from my companion cube, which involved a lot of assembly once all the crocheting was done.

Still, very happy. And maybe now I have the spoons to tackle the tricky one I was supposed to be doing?…

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