#25: Pikachu

#25: Pikachu

Buoyed by the success of my Vaporeon, I couldn’t wait to get started on the next one. I’d already bought 10 balls of economy yellow wool, back when I was getting the other colours and felt I needed to finish off Vaporeon, so Pikachu seemed like the obvious choice.

He was a bit more fiddly than I was expecting. The elongated ball for the head/body was fine, and the arms and feet were okay, but those ears!! It was partially my fault – I’d bought some really cheap, nasty springy black wool that just didn’t want to crochet up at all. But black is a pain to crochet because it doesn’t show up against itself, and then the ears were really skinny, so my ham-fists rather got in the way.

Still, got there in the end, and showed the picture to my colleague at work, who asked if she could commission one for a young relation. I explained that the copyright belongs to Nintendo, so I couldn’t be paid for it, and then gave her the toy the next day as a gift. Aren’t I generous?

Time taken: 2 weeks (that accursed black wool!)
Rating: Yay


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