#39: Jigglypuff



I grumbled through a lot of this one, so it’s not as squee-ey as I hoped it would be. I followed a pattern which didn’t work well for me as far as numbers go – I had to unpick his middle at least three times because he was ending up looking completely squashed.

His feet are too big, everything’s a little lopsided…sigh. Not to mention every time I stitched a long thin pink appendage on, it kinda felt like…uhh…(blush)…*ahem*.

Still, the curl looks good, and the microphone (my own creative input into this little feller) went pretty well!

I might have another go at this one too, particularly since I now have a better shade of pink to make him with.

Time taken: 2 weeks (grumble grumble)
Rating: Yay (disappointedly so, for what should have been an automatic squee!)


About viridianarcher

Library Assistant, Pseudo Toxophilite and Erstwhile Musician.
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