#1: Bulbasaur

#1: Bulbasaur

This was a great pattern, and I was really pleased to find it, since I had to depart from my usual two Pokemon-crochet-pattern sites to find a pattern for this little fellow. The body, legs and ears – and the claws – are all from this fab pattern, but I had a go at experimenting (gasp!) when it came to the bulb, to try and get it looking a little more leafy and separated. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I also didn’t bother crocheting the patches, and just stuck on felt instead. I sewed the mouth, and it took several goes and I’m still not happy, but it’s not too far off the real thing, so I’ll deal for now.

The pattern for the bulb (making 5 of these leaves):
(Turning at every row – I didn’t bother adding a ch, so as to keep the shape tight)

1. sc 3 (3)
2. 2 sc in sc, sc, 2 in sc (5)
3. 2 sc in sc, sc 3, 2 sc in sc (7)
4. 2 sc in sc, sc 5, 2 sc in sc (9)
5. 2 sc in sc, sc 7, 2 sc in sc (11)
6. 2 sc in sc, sc 9, 2 sc in sc (13)
7-12. 6 rows of sc 13
13. sc 4, dec over 2 sc, 2 sc in sc, dec over 2 sc, sc 4 (12)
14. sc 5, dec over 2 sc, sc 5 (11)
15. sc 3, dec over 2 sc, 2 sc in sc, dec over 2 sc, sc 3 (10)
16. sc 4, dec over 2 sc, sc 4 (9)
17. sc 2, dec over 2 sc, 2 sc in sc, dec over 2 sc, sc 2 (8)
18. sc 3, dec over 2 sc, sc 3 (7)
19. sc 1, dec over 2 sc, 2 sc in sc, dec over 2 sc, sc 1 (6)
20. sc 2, dec over 2 sc, sc 2 (5)
21. dec over 2 sc, 2 sc in sc, dec over 2 sc (4)
22. sc 1, dec over 2 sc, sc 1 (3)

I joined them all in a ring at the base, then sewed up the sides to about 1.5 rows from the top.
I then attached the bulb to the body, and stuffed it most of the way full, up to where the leaves were still sewn together.
Then I did a running stitch round that row-and-a-bit from the top, and pulled it tight, which gathered together the leaves at the top to stop the stuffing falling out, but left the very tips of the leaves to point outward.

It was probably a bit more fiddly, but I was really pleased how good it looked when I’d finished.

Time taken: 2 weeks (ish)
Rating: Squee!


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5 Responses to #1: Bulbasaur

  1. Katelynne says:

    Hi, I have been searching for a satisfactory pattern for bulbasaur for over a year now. I would really like to know where you found this one. Any help you could provide would be wonderful. thank you!

    • I found the pattern for Bulbasaur on Ravelry, by Whitney Ruth, in Whueb’s Boutique. Can’t provide a link here at the moment, since you have to be a registered member to access the site, but if you aren’t already a member I’d thoroughly recommend becoming one anyway! I modified it slightly to try and make the leaf part on top more segmented, but that isn’t particularly necessary. Hope that helps!

      • Katelynne says:

        Thank you so much. I am already a member of Ravelry. I was so excited yesterday that I just looked up images of crocheted Bulbasaur’s on google. When I found one with a similar body to yours I clicked on it and it led me to Ravelry and Whitney Ruth and Whueb’s Boutique. I’m so happy you replied because I really wanted it to be the same pattern. I will be using your modified bulb (I think it is much cuter). Thank you again!

      • No problem – it’s a great pattern! Some people have sooo much talent (I can’t design at all, which is why I’m still not finished with the one I’ve been working on for the last year!)

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