What to do next..

So, I’ve made the Jigglypuff for one friend, and Bulbasaur for another. My little bro has asked me to make several different Pokémon, but he’s currently already got Psyduck so I think he can wait. The question is, which to do next – there are still plenty of patterns that other people have created, so I could work my way through all of them before I start tackling new ones, or I could use them as light relief after creating my own ones. Decisions, decisions..

I went to an online RNG today to see what I would make next if the choice was entirely random, and it gave me Kakuna. Kind of funny, since that was one of the ones I thought I might be able to have a go of myself without too much trouble, so maybe it’s fate. And I already have a ton of yellow, which I’d got for Pikachu. So, how brave (not to mention inspired) do I feel?


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