Catching up!

So I haven’t died, honestly. I’ve just been lazy and busy. But I haven’t stopped crocheting, I’ve just stopped blogging about it. So I have a few new additions to the collection!

The first was Electrode, since he was a bit of a no-brainer (basically, Voltorb inverted, yup yup). Ta da! His mouth is a bit angular, but I rather like the cheesy grin he has going on, particularly when he’s sitting next to Voltorb.

Then it was December, and my older bro’s birthday followed quickly by Christmas. This year I promised a half-assed attempt to crochet the gifts, so my older bro got a Totoro, my partner got a very squidgy scarf, and my two ickle bros got Snorlax and Mew. I don’t know how I didn’t get terrible RSI trying to cram all the crocheting in! (Oh, that’s right, I did get terrible RSI…) I also managed to finish a lot of college work, so Christmas was crazy busy!

A few more other projects and I started work on designing another of my own, which is currently sitting in development hell. Hopefully I’ll pick him up again soon, as I’m sure he’d love to have his limbs finally attached to his body…Who, you say? Shhh, not telling until he’s finished! (But you know he can’t be Ditto, because he’s got limbs…)

Then a friend found out she’s got a job overseas, so she’ll be leaving the UK soon. She asked, and I delivered…Charmander! Tricky little blighter, but the photos make him look a lot better than he actually is. Need to stitch on the eyes though, which demonstrate a concerning tendency to wander.

So that’s the last 10 months in a single post!

Electrode Snorlax Mew Charmander2




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