#37: Vulpix

Just a quick note because it’s late and I’m tired.

Vulpix1 Vulpix2 Vulpix4

So here’s Vulpix. Difficult for two reasons, the first being that there is no flipping pattern anywhere online as far as I can see (feel free to comment with links if you know better!). And I’m not paying for one because I think intellectual property rights are important – which is also why I don’t sell these, I give them away (I get so annoyed with people who sell Pokemon toys on Etsy, maybe you don’t realise it but it’s copyright infringement and NOT cool). Anyway, so I had to make my own.

I started with parts of Wolfdreamer’s Umbreon pattern, added a few bits of her Mew, found a pattern for a snail (which was basically: crochet a tube, coil it up), which loosely became the tail and mane. Added it all together and bam! an almost vaguely looking something not entirely dissimilar to a Vulpix, which went to Boston the next day with the friend for whom I’d hurriedly crocheted it. Oh yeah, had to do it in a week too. That was the second reason this one was so difficult.

I think, given time – lots of time – and being able to test things out, and maybe getting colours a bit closer to Vulpix’s own (impossible, seriously, just nothing like that available here!), I might stand a better chance another time, but this one is not quite a big fat fail, but definitely closer to it than I’d’ve liked.


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2 Responses to #37: Vulpix

  1. Thanks! Some other lovely patterns on there too =)

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