#45: Vileplume

Finished another one today – I’ve made it a rule that I can only have so many projects on the go at once, and I really want to start on a different project, so that was a big incentive to finish it. It’s perhaps not quite finished – I’m not altogether happy with the mouth, and think it might be a bit cuter if it were an open smile with light pink felt, like the original (available here), and I haven’t bothered with the white spots on the petals yet, but may be persuaded if I could work out a way to cut up that amount of felt in those shapes neatly (I simply cannot cut curves!!).

But it’s done enough for me to count it, I think, so ta-da: Vileplume!!



About viridianarcher

Library Assistant, Pseudo Toxophilite and Erstwhile Musician.
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