#010: Caterpie

Pattern is from Nanette Crochet, here.

Caterpie3Just not feeling this one, sadly! I went wrong in a number of places, not quite badly enough to make it worth redoing most of them (but if I ever make one again, I’ll know what to do better, at least!). Firstly, the two top body parts are upside-down – I should have sewn the unfinished end of the first onto the head, then the unfinished part of the second onto the first. Instead I desperately tried to join two balls together, which really doesn’t work! Second the antenna is more attached than it should be, and finally, I got the two tail pieces mixed up and sewed the wrong one onto the end. Another problem was using two different brands of DK yarn; the yellow was much thinner than the green, so doesn’t quite fit as well as it should.

Caterpie1Another thing, if I was to make it again, I probably wouldn’t bother with the ten rings of chains. There were 25 pieces all in all to stitch together(!!) and I think I could have got a very similar effect, possibly a bit neater too, by chain stitching the yellow onto the green.

Decidedly meh, in the end, but that’s another one down, at least!


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