My Best Crochet Tips

I didn’t really have anyone to ask, and these are just things I’ve picked up along the way and found amazingly useful. I’m only a beginner, so no sniggering at the fact that I’m probably pointing out the patently obvious!

  • I didn’t have a grandma to teach me to do crochet, and I found books really confusing. “Yarn over the top? What’s the top? Why does my wool look nothing like the picture?” However, watching people demonstrate on Youtube was a totally different story. Youtube: my surrogate grandma.
  • Decreasing in the round can make Amigurumis look really gappy. This can be counteracted by instead of going through both bars of the row below, go through the front one. The gap is obscured by the fact that the back bar hasn’t been pulled up with the front one. I don’t explain this very well, but it’s a really good tip!
  • Use a hairpin (“bobbypin”) to mark your stitch. It’s much easier and quicker than doing the contrasting coloured yarn method, and keeping count is sooo important, particularly when crocheting in spirals!
  • I print out my patterns from Notepad, and have a nice margin on the LH side of the page. One instruction per line. If the instruction is for only one row, as I complete it I give it a horizontal mark: -. If it’s for multiple rows (e.g. 5-8 sc in each sc) then it gets a vertical mark ¦, crossing through for multiples of 5.
  • Acrylic wool is my favourite kind. It’s hardy and colourful, not too elastic, and the moths don’t like it, which means it doesn’t get chewed through as much!

Have any tips you’d like to share?


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