#051: Dugtrio

Dugtrio was a nice, fairly brainless sort of pattern. Three tubes, a circle for a base, then a ground was made up of another circle, with an edge of 2 rows of random popcorns to look like rubble. Stitched eyes, felt noses, et voila!


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#133: Eevee

Eevee1Recently I’ve noticed I’ve been getting lots of holes in my amigurumi. Continue reading

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#010: Caterpie

Pattern is from Nanette Crochet, here.

Caterpie3Just not feeling this one, sadly! I went wrong in a number of places, not quite badly enough to make it worth redoing most of them (but if I ever make one again, I’ll know what to do better, at least!). Continue reading

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#147: Dratini

Found this pattern by Crochet Fanatic via Ravelry for Dratini. So cute! I modified the pattern slightly for a couple of reasons, the main one being that while my white and blue claim to be DK, they feel very different and crochet up at different rates, so my blue was huge and I needed to do a few extra rows here and there of the white to compensate. Continue reading

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#086: Seel

I don’t know why I didn’t find Kat’s Creations’ pattern when I searched, but I didn’t, so I made this one up. It’s still only in short-hand at the moment, because I’ve got two dissertations to proof-read this week amongst other things, but I’ll flesh it out later, and in the meantime at least it exists! Nothing more frustrating than seeing a great amigurumi and being unable to make it 😉 Continue reading

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#090: Shellder

This one was based on Kat’s Creations pattern, available here. I thought I made a pretty good job of it. Overall, very pleased how he came out.

I’m not sure the front loops/back loops only in the top shell actually made a difference, but it definitely made it more complicated! If I made it again, I don’t think I’d bother.

I guessed my own shape for the tongue, since the pattern seemed to be coming out massively long and not wide enough! Also the pearl seemed slightly too big for the shell, but that could have been my yarn rather than the pattern.

I crocheted white eyes (MR 6, inc (12), inc, sc (18), FO) which I think worked out okay. They’ll probably be a bit more secure than felt ones at least.

I was really confused by the pattern for the shell inserts, but had a guess that it was going to be a sort of half-cylinder shape, half-capped on one end, so I made it a sort of crochet in-the-oval, and it sort of came out okay, although I don’t have the nice frill effect the original does.

Finally, I wish I’d stuffed the horns, and possibly made them larger too. All in all, quite a challenging pattern for me, but I’m pleased it’s done!

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#122: Mr Mime



I’m doubly proud of myself this time. The Random Nethack God saw fit to pick my least favourite Pokemon ever, and rather than just trying again, I thought “well, now is as good a time as any to get this one done and out the way”, so I made a Mr Mime. Continue reading

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