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#010: Caterpie

Pattern is from Nanette Crochet, here. Just not feeling this one, sadly! I went wrong in a number of places, not quite badly enough to make it worth redoing most of them (but if I ever make one again, I’ll … Continue reading

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#14: Kakuna

#14: Kakuna

Ohhh, Windows, you have a lot to answer for!

There didn’t seem to be a pattern online for Kakuna, so I had to create my own. I thought I would be really canny, and write down everything I did so I could share my pattern with the world. About three quarters of the way through, Windows decided my computer needs a reboot, and the pattern wasn’t saved. So it’s gone. Sigh.

It was tricky, this one, mostly because I was flying entirely blind. I’d get somewhere, then decide it all looked wrong and what I should have done was something else, so I unpicked rows and rows at a time. Even now, I think the body should have been longer, and the head is still too hexagonal. But, like I said, this one is all my own work, which totally compensates for all of that.

Time taken: 2 weeks (is there a theme here?)
Rating: Squee!

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