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#061: Poliwhirl

I used this pattern to make my Poliwhirl. On the whole I’m pleased how it came out – it’s definitely recognisable as Poliwhirl unlike, say, my Eevee! It’s got a few niggles (no, you crocheted it right-handed so the spiral had … Continue reading

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#086: Seel

I don’t know why I didn’t find Kat’s Creations’ pattern when I searched, but I didn’t, so I made this one up. It’s still only in short-hand at the moment, because I’ve got two dissertations to proof-read this week amongst … Continue reading

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#090: Shellder

This one was based on Kat’s Creations pattern, available here. I thought I made a pretty good job of it. Overall, very pleased how he came out. I’m not sure the front loops/back loops only in the top shell actually … Continue reading

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#120: Staryu

I’ve given up on my accursed RNG to pick Pokemon, as it always picks ones that are too hard, or that I don’t have the right colours for. Instead, I had a look and realised that Staryu doesn’t require many … Continue reading

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#7: Squirtle

Yet another WolfDreamer pattern, which made this a delight to make. Colours are hard to get right – only found a chocolate wool after I’d made the shell. Also I didn’t quite stuff him enough, so he looks a little less round … Continue reading

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#54: Psyduck

#54: Psyduck

I clearly needed cheering up, because I went with the yellow again, to make Psyduck. I’d seen a handy tip on a Youtube video about using a hairpin as a stitch marker, which meant I was getting fewer errors in the counting as I worked. It’s also a lot easier then to zone out and just go round and round and round, so he was much quicker to do too.

His beak was a bit big for him, and his arms a bit small, but he was toddler-approved, since I finished him at a staff party where a colleague had brought along her 15-month-old daughter, who immediately found his beak to be an ideal handhold, just the right size!

Time taken: 12 days (getting quicker!)
Rating: Yay

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#134: Vaporeon

#134: Vaporeon

I was visiting my parents’ house, and because I like having something to do, I brought home some mid-blue wool and a crochet hook.

“So, which Pokemon is blue?” I asked my littlest bro.

He immediately launched into a pretty thorough list, and after I kicked myself for asking him, I eventually settled on Vaporeon for several reasons:

1. He’s cute!
2. He’s quite a lot of blue, so I could get a long way through before I ran out of the right colours.
3. I found an awesome pattern for him.

He was pretty darn fiddly, lots of little bits to attach to each other, and many times I had to undo things and redo things and in some places I couldn’t get the pattern to work at all and just made up my own thang, but eventually got there, and this is what he looks like!

He now sits on my bookshelf, guarding my MC Beatons and my Janet Evanovichs from any would-be assailants, though he has to be careful where he directs his water attacks. Can’t have damp books, oh dear me no.

Time taken: 2 weeks (or thereabouts)
Rating: Squeee!

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